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HOORAY the time is HERE. MonaVie India prelaunch started September 21st.
MonaVie India: Pre-registration Begins 21 September! Reserve your spot on MonaVie Indias #1 team with more leaders. 
We are thrilled to announce that the pre-registration process for MonaVie India begins Wednesday, 21 September 2011 (India Standard Time).
We continue to be amazed about the positive excitement and energy you are generating. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity by registering for MonaVie India, and get your teams to join you in MonaVie NOW.
Here’s what you need to do to register:
Follow the directions HERE
If you have any questions about this process, please send an email to
Like you, MonaVie is eager to begin business in India. Please know that there are several additional milestones to complete before we officially launch, but we are extremely pleased in the progress we have made and we are on track for a full launch later this year.
Let’s continue to lock arms to make India one of the biggest and most talked about country openings in MonaVie history!

MonaVie India

MonaVie is moving forward with complete confidence that India will be one of the largest markets for MonaVie. We are taking every step to assure you that when we do launch all aspects of doing business in India are covered, so you can build your business with confidence that MonaVie is here to serve you and your team.
MonaVie has been around for just over six years and spanning the globe in 15 countries. They have not missed a commission payment and we don't plan to allow India to be the first. You can build your business and focus on building your team with confidence.
You should know that development efforts have been underway for some time and we are making very positive, promising progress in all of our efforts. In fact, MonaVie just finalized a lease agreement on a property in Chennai, India (Southern India), that will become the headquarters of our early presence in this fascinating country. It is a beautiful and large facility that will accommodate all of the services we intend to offer to our new MonaVie India family.

Raj Lingam, who joined the MonaVie staff just four months ago as Regional Vice President of South Asia, along with Gavon Barkdull, Managing Director of New and Emerging Market Development, are actively managing this effort with the charge and objective of making this the most polished opening in our history. There are many new challenges and opportunities that will make our offering of services unique and customized to this region of the world. We are very optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead in India.

Pre-Enrollments to Occur One Month before Launch
To complement this effort and to ensure an equitable playing field for all, MonaVie will enforce a strict pre-enrollment policy for India. It is our intent to allow pre-enrollments through an enrollment process, specific to India, at least one month prior to our official opening.

 Watch the launch of MonaVie Hong Kong. MonaVie India is coming SOON. This is your change to be apart of this winning team.